Shadow Fight 3 Android Hack and Gameplay

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If you are a Shadow Fight series lover you will love this game. Shadow Fight 3 Android is the third installment of the franchise and provides deep yet exhilarating combat gameplay. The third entry of the game series is out and this third release has considerable improvements compared to its predecessors. So, let’s check out what new things are on offer and how this game can excite you.


The game is about a storyline that started years after the events mentioned in Shadow Fight 2. It is a world overrun with Shadow energy. The world of shadow stands on the edge of starting a new war. The forces of Shadows are now just like an ordinary source of power and this energy is available as a weapon. Not everyone finds this as a good thing and the military tribe legion is aiming to eliminate this hazardous energy and there are people of the Dynasty who have learned to use it for helping their people. There are also mysterious heralds and the goals are still vague. So there come different ways by which people are living and fighting in the Shadow fight world. A war between these tribes will determine the future of the world and the player needs to take sides.


Apart from the usual main storyline, there are several missions and side quests along with special conditions as well. For example, in some of the quests, you may be asked to play using inverted controls while in some of them you will be asked to fight an invisible enemy. Basically, there are three factions that you can join at the start of the game – Dynasty, Heralds and Legion and each of them have special fighting styles, equipment’s and unique powers so one can find a lot of interesting powers and styles while playing this game.

Why use Hacks in Shadow Fight 3

The game might be very hard to win. There are resources that help you advance in the game; like gems and energy. Players tend to use this shadow fight 3 hack in order to get free gems and boost their energy. That’s how a lot of gamers got in the top 100 leaderboard.


There are characters that you can choose who have specific abilities and equipment along with special moves during the combat that can be perked. Shadow Fight 3 Android is in 3D and it provides a great combat style which is improved to that of the previous versions and quite fast-paced, challenging and a combination of different things. You can create a great move from different moves so adapting the situation quickly is the main key when you want to win a battle.

You can find the battle difficult to counter and play at the start especially when you are starting this as your first gameplay but eventually with some practice you can hang on to the same game and even improvise it further by going through the online hacks, tips, and tricks for this game. There are shadowy-ness in the game even though it is now available to play in three dimensional. One can activate the character into a shadow form and switch back and forth into a black shadow and also able to perform different shadow abilities while playing this game.

The game is available to play in both Android and iOS stores so if you are having a specific preference to play the game then you can simply grab the mobile device and check when the version is available for your play by checking online.

What’s New in Shadow fight 3?


The latest version of the game presents chapter five with new story quests, five new locations, three epic bosses, 12 new equipment’s, 24 new type of weapons to play and explore. You can browse through your profile and other player profiles and check out the gears available to play with. The game is updated every month. Size of the game is around 69MB with more than 10M installs. The current version of the Shadow fight 3 android game is 1.12.0. The game version requires an Android 4.1 and above.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Android

Shadow fight provides a wide range of amazing features. It provides good graphics, interesting storyline, mind-blowing gears and exciting weapons to choose from. Let us look at some of the unique features offered by Shadow Fight 3.

Meet Gizmo, Your faithful friend

As you open the game, Gizmo will ask you to create a fighter by choosing face type, hair color, and hairstyle. You have a wide range of selections in each of the categories. You can give your avatar a unique name before you land yourself into the world of shadow fight.

Modern Graphics

One of the most tempting features of this game is that it boosts high-end animation, realistic physics along with three-dimensional modern graphics which will immerse you into the gameplay and make you feel as if you are playing the game in reality,

Different fighting styles

One of the few things which people really asked for improvement in the previous version was related to fighting styles and what can be done to improve on it. Shadow fight 3 provides you a different combination of three fighting styles which will make you get into a unique way of playing the game.

A wide range of weapons to choose

If you are looking for a huge collection of new equipment’s with improved weapons then shadow fight 3 provides you a good combination and some of the deadly weapons that can knock out your opponent easily in tough battles. There are special abilities available in the new version of the game along with better upgrades and perks which can boost your character strength during matches.

World map for exploration

There is a world map available which can be used to treasure spectacular places and find stories to unlock and it will give you an immersive main storyline with a countless amount of side quest. There is also regular thematic in-game events which will help you grab unique awards during the gameplay.

Dual Mode for competitive gameplay

This is one of the major modes available which can give you a real push during the gameplay and it can help you defy other player characters controlled by Artificial intelligence. You can try to beat other players in the game and reach the TOP 100 players in the leadership board across the world or country.